Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In that case, do whatever you want

last week the missus and I were walking the bean through our neighborhood, when we looked up to see a big fat man approaching us with his dog off the leash.

This drives us crazy.

There just doesn't seem to be any upside to having your dog off the leash in the middle (OK, southern tip) of Manhattan, where there's constant construction, mad cyclists, asshole drivers, rumbling subways, tourists, families, trash, broken glass, cannons, frisbees, bows and arrows, and flying goats.

Seriously though. What is the upside? It makes you look cooler? It makes you look like the ultimate master? We don't get it.

So we tighten our grip on Fran, warming up our face muscles in preparation for the biggest, ugliest stinkeyes we can deliver to this dumbass with his dog off the leash, when we look up into the fat, bearded face of...

James Gandolfini.

As befitting of every character he's ever played, he wasn't the friendliest dude, refusing to look either of us in the eye while our dogs sniffed each others' butts. But then again, he had a lot on his mind, what with his dog off the leash in the middle of Manhattan.


Anyway, now that our dog has been approached by both Edie Falco (twice), and James Gandolfini, one thing's for sure...

She's a huge Journey fan.


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