Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been in Los Angeles for almost a week now for work. Due to bad weather we've had to adjust the shoot schedule, and because of the shuffling we've had quite a bit of free time. During said free time I've been hanging out with my writer who just happens to be about 6'3" and weigh 160 pounds. I have never EVER seen someone eat the way he does and still be so thin. And of course I have temporarily forgotten that I do not share in his accelerated metabolic rate and so have been eating like it's my last week on planet earth.

Today was our first of two days shooting our commercials. We had a great day - we stayed on schedule, had some laughs and kept the client very calm and happy. But in the midst of all the calm I kept myself occupied by eating every. single. thing. that the craft services and catering folks were shoving in our faces. I started the morning with a little bit of french toast and a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast Next were some fresh veggies (carrots, tomatoes, edamame), pita chips and some dried fruit. Oh and I almost forgot the pesto and prosciutto panini slice. Then I somehow managed to stuff down a Babybel cheddar cheese round. Next up was lunch -- ribs (!?!), roasted brussel sprouts, a heaping pile of mac n' cheese, a big mixed salad, an israeli couscous salad and a touch of blueberry pie. If that isn't enough to throw you into a diabetic coma just by reading this, I just had to carry out the afternoon with a mini twix, jellybeans and a steaming hot cinnamon sugar churro.

I am sincerly and legitimately gagging in my mouth recapping all of this. And I have to go back again all day tomorrow.

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Poor Lucky Me said...

If you need to hire a professional eater to walk in front of you and eat things in your path, I'm available.