Thursday, February 19, 2009

yeah, so?

Here’s what I hate about celebrity sightings: I so desperately want to not care, but I can’t help it. Outwardly I say things like, “They’re just people like you and me. Who cares?” Inwardly I think, “I wonder if they can sense that I’ll soon be famous too, just like them? Maybe they just need to get a closer look at me.”

Since we’ve been here we’ve seen a bunch of celebs. Usually it’s some B or C-lister from shows that Crissy curses herself for watching and that make my testes retract, like Gossip Girl, or The City, or…whatever Nicole Ritchie’s famous for. Is there a show called Smokin’ Butts and Makin’ Babies? Maybe I should pitch that to Fox.

Every once in a while, we get pretty good ones. I saw my teen crush Jennifer Connelly at our local Whole Foods in Tribeca (Wow…As I typed that, spell-check corrected the spelling of her last name…that’s how you know you’ve really made it), looking scarily gaunt and starved with her scowling 10-year old daughter in tow, effectively striking her from my celebrity fantasy make-out league. “Connelly, hit the bench! Marissa Miller, get in there! Bjork!! Sing something nice!”

But sometimes we get REALLY good ones. Like the time Crissy and I were out for a jog up the west side highway on an unseasonably warm day a couple weeks ago. As we were trotting along, I happened to look up and notice a super-pale, chubby dude with a red goatee, gasping his way down the path in ratty old New Balance Classics, white socks halfway up his thick ankles, and cargo shorts down past his knees.

And just as I started to think, “Aw, poor nerd…that sucks,” I noticed his jogging partner:

The one and only “Mel,” from Flight of the Concords, A.K.A Kristen Schaal.

Not only is Mel an authentic nerd in real life (in stark contrast to Connelly’s inauthentic hotness), she’s even got a real-life, authentic nerd boyfriend.

Ooohhh yeah.

“Miller, out! Schaal, in!
Nobody told you to stop singing, Bjork!”

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Polly Stilp said...

This post makes me miss Bill Curtis, that hot hot piece!