Thursday, March 19, 2009

new, outrageous trend

During a walk through Soho yesterday on a beautiful Spring day, I was brought face to face with a disturbing trend that I first noticed when we arrived here six months ago: skanks without bras.

On occasion there are the rare Amazonian models who can pull it off (and sorry to generalize but they're probably European or Brazilian), but mostly they are the kind of women who have no business leaving the house without a boulder holder. The trend is this: a girl wears a very flimsy, thin cotton-poly blend tee-shirt, sans undergarment, letting her gals run free and flap in the wild. It's wildly offensive mostly because of the lack of personal space in this town. One can be brought up close and personal to it without warning. I'm sure some of you pervy dudes won't complain, but I'm a woman and I'm outraged. This is not 1972, people! Saddle up!

I'm sure it all started with some hot European chick in Ibiza or some crap, and was spotted by a hot New York chick who was there on vacation and in turn is about to ruin breast elasticity/perkiness/class in America. Just you wait - this phenomenon will spread from city to city like skinny jeans, newsboy caps and dressing like a hobo.

So to all you ladies out there - unless you are a AAA cup or have fabulously perky augmented ones, i beg you - please don't do it!


mom said...

i'm so afraid for grace to grow up...

lizziebelle said...

my boobs are pretty nice but i dont have the self esteem to rock them rare. i mean bare. whatever.