Monday, March 23, 2009

Please Take a Moment

to say hello to us - I noticed some interesting locations checked in on our blog today - people all the way from Spain and Australia! Even if you're in Chicago, chime into the comments to say hi or introduce yourself!  

I'm so curious to know who is out there.


Sultan said...

I am Sultan Eniel Edam Sivad. I am come from small countries with great wealth. Please help me to pay off military junta and I will give great wealth to you.

Anonymous said...

dear mr sivad,
luckily, the missus and i are pro-junta. our bank account numbers are:

754888474747, and

please feel free to withdraw any funds you'll be needing, and deposit our riches at your leisure.

the green apples

p.s. please tell our friend tom we said hi

Say said...

Hi guys! I found your blog through HamannEggs. How are you checking the stats of who's looking at your blog? I'm curious who looks at mine other than my mom. I'm glad you guys are loving NY!
-sarah santi

Anonymous said...

hey sarah! great to hear from you.

here's the site. It's free and pretty self-explanatory...but just know that I think it takes a day or two to start counting, so don't get discouraged when there are no views on the first day!