Monday, December 5, 2011

Halloween #1

Yes, I know it’s December 5th, but I figured it’s time to catch up on some oldies but goodies. Like Halloween.

First of all, Wes’s first two teeth came in just in time for Halloween, aka our nation’s collective middle finger to the American Dental Association. His little blade-like teeth jut out of his lower gum, so when he smiles, he looks like a liquored up hobo riding a boxcar to Fresno. We contemplated giving the teeth names, but we never did decide on anything. So let’s do it right now:

Henceforth, Wes’ two bottom teeth shall be referred to as Tin Pan Jeb and Harlan “Scrappie” Jenkins. And so it was.

Anyway, Halloween fell on a Monday this year, and if anyone remembers, things get a little crazy on our block. This year was no exception. Well, two exceptions. We were slightly more prepared for the insanity thanks to 1. The $50 bucks we spent on candy, and 2. The booze. Neither was any match for the voracious hordes of trick or treaters that descended on our stoop like a flock of adorable zombie vultures.

We invited a bunch of our new parent friends over for the festivities, who all seemed a little overwhelmed by the mania. Not that I blamed them. Costume highlights included our friend Ashley who was dressed a the Empire State Building, and her 11-month old Roman who went as King Kong, Jessie/Holly/Pippa who went as a trio of astronauts, Leslie and her son Owen, who went as Teen Wolf and Frauke/Jeff’s son Julian who went as a pocket-sized Springsteen.

Crissy, Wes, and I went as Run DMC this year, with Wes owning his role as a mini Jam Master Jay. Since Crissy’s mom was in town for the weekend, we all met at my office for a quick photo shoot on Friday night, before Crissy and I headed off to a couple adult (get your mind out of the gutter) Halloween parties in the city. Wes responded to this plan by instantly barfing all over his costume.

Not to be outdone, Crissy and I felt like barfing all day Saturday. Thank god for mothers-in-law.

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