Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hotel Lilliputia

Well, here I am. Back in the Big Apple. Lying in the bed of what is officially the tiniest hotel room I've ever stepped foot in. I had to army crawl through the doggy door to get in. I had to shimmy up an airshaft to get into the bed. And now that I'm in bed, brushing my teeth is debatable, considering I'd have to remove two of four limbs to get into the bathroom.

Best part about this little Lego-land Hotel? $235/night baby...WITH the corporate discount. Wouldn't have it any other way in this city, I suppose. The kicker is that the agency that brought me out here for an interview (which shall remain nameless until I get the job for superstitious purposes) failed to pay for the room. Clearly it was an oversight. I mean, CLEARLY.

Still, it's making me gunshy about drinking a $16 bottle of water, or a $45 Corona, or a $6,000 half-bottle of wine.

Half bottle. Seriously. Who invented those? Ewoks?

Wish me luck, uhh, nobody that's reading this...

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Pearl said...

Wishing you luck. If you interview like you write, you got it!