Monday, August 25, 2008

is this really how it's gonna be?

i hate that i'm emotional. i guess it comes with the italian and macedonian gene territory, though. thanks mom and dad.

for your reading pleasure, here's today's fun and embarrassing emotional moment-

being the pro-active, weekly timesheet submitting, faithful corporate drone, i went to the HR lady to inquire about my remaining vacation days and how that corresponds to my resignation date. according to "THE RULES", i have taken more vacation time than i have accrued while at the company. two whole extra days, to be exact. after i found out that i'd have to pay them back those two days out of my measly paycheck, i almost lost my shit.

with kevin by my side for support (he's got the same problem as me), we marched straight into the cfo's office to plead for a concession. "please, please PLEASE? i don't have a job yet. we have to pay a $10,000 security deposit up front and we need all the money we can get. we've been extremely loyal and good employees for the past five years. isn't there anything you can do? please. PLEASE?"

then the tears welled up.

cfo lady handed me a tissue and said she can't treat us like a special case. i wanted to scream and throw a temper tantrum on the floor. mostly because i cried. also because i'd be losing more of what was already an extraordinarily small final paycheck.
but thankfully in the end (as always), my better half was there to guide me out of the office and smile politely for me.

i wish he was going to be at my next job too.

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Hez said...

Ugh. But don't worry- the more minor crap things that happen now though, the less major crap things will happen later. Everything will be ok.