Thursday, August 21, 2008

it's a deal

Oh for God's sake it finally happened. It feels like we've been talking about this move to our friends for 67,000 years, and we had to wait for our brains to evolve to get us there. Or like we had to hitch a ride from continental drift to get us there. Or like it was the responsibility of the U.S. postal service to get us there. Slow is what I'm getting at, here.

At first it was them being slow. by the time they finally sent the official offer letter, I'd gotten into the game. "Could you amend the offer to say 'Company will reimburse any and all Starbucks tips forever from here into the afterlife?'" The HR woman basically told me to sign it or stick it. I signed.

Naturally, the fax machine ran out of toner and couldn't print the confirmation page telling me whether or not the fax was successful. So sometimes God likes to clog the system, too. Just to join in the fun. No Lord God likes feeling left out, after all.

Anyway, they got it. We're good. See you in three weeks, ya big dumb apple.

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