Wednesday, August 20, 2008

to do:

exactly one month from today, we will be on an airplane bound for new york city, indefinitely. within that time we'll have (hopefully) done the following things:

1. said all of our "see you laters" (i refuse to say goodbye)
2. found our new mini-sized, jumbo-priced apartment
3. eaten my last burger and cheese fries at portillo's (for a little while)
4. charmed a few folks and secured some form of employment for me
5. set up a visit for a friend to visit so i don't feel so lonely
6. convince the benjamin family to move back from london
7. updated this blog for our friends and family at least 3 times a week
8. kissed my nonna and nonno
9. gotten rid of a lot of STUFF/CRAP/BAGGAGE we don't need
10. found a bar where we will feel at home watching our beloved chicago bears

that's all for now. i didn't promise this was going to be interesting for you folks. hee.

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