Thursday, November 13, 2008

let's rock this cafeteria

Lisa Loeb stopped by to give a live performance at my agency today. It was kind of weird. We got about 3700 email reminders that she was gonna be in the office, not to mention the 4000 posters, 500 video monitors showing pictures of her, and town criers announcing her arrival. You’d have thought her last gig was billed as “Puppet Show, and Lisa Loeb,” and her manager was trying to make it up to her.

But let me tell you, all that hootin’ and hollerin’ worked. People came in droves to see her set. I actually tried to get into the cafeteria/bar area where she was performing to take a picture, but I could barely get in the door. The one picture I got looks like it was taken from the nosebleeds at a flea circus with a spy camera. So this picture will just have to do. It was pretty much exactly like this, just not as prestigious of a venue.

Not surprisingly, Lisa decided to play her 1994 smash hit “Stay.” You know the one:

You say….I only hear what I want to
Something something something something.
Something something something something.

And so forth.

What was surprising was the fact that she decided to make it the second song of a multi-song set-list. I’m not really sure how many songs she played in total, because I couldn’t hear anything over the crashing cafeteria tables and trumpeting elephants as people jumanjied for the door when she said, “this next one’s from my new album.”

I get it. Everyone wants to hear the one song that reminds them of crying in the shower when they got dumped by Carl the movie theater manager for Cheryl that bitch. But for god’s sake, hear the woman out. How bad could it possibly be?

I mean, I totally had to get back to work. But, you know, not everyone’s job is as important as mine. People have some nerve.

Also of note, though completely unrelated, is the fact that the Starbucks people by my work are beginning to recognize me and remember my order, a triple espresso. Normally I’d object to the humiliation of having to call it a “tripio,” but every time I order it, one employee looks up to the ceiling and howls (at the top of her lungs) “TRIP! TRIP! TRIPP-EEEEE-OOOOOHHHHH!”

She loves saying it, I love hearing it. Lately, she’s been doing it right when I walk in the door. She very well could be making fun of me, but even if she is, it has a sad little way of making me feel extra special.

P.S. a friend of mine just posted some pics on Facebook of the band that came to perform at his work last night. We get Lisa Loeb, they get Eagles of Death Metal. What a gyp.

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