Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Recession?

Last night I dipped my big toe into the olympic-sized New York City sample sale pool. I had read horror stories about the weirdos who kick and punch and pull hair for wedding dresses at Filene’s, so I was a little scared about going to one of these things. But this sale was for one of my favorite handbag designers, and I’ve exercised restraint over buying one of her bags because they were always too pricy. But 50% off retail?!? I couldn’t pass it up.

Armed with my trusty pal Laura, we braved the elements and showed up promptly at 8pm, just as the invitation had instructed. To our horror the sale was in a full-blown frenzy. The doors had been open for an hour already! Seeing all the women hoarding their handbag bounty made me immediately break out in a sweat.

I went in with a very clear plan of what I wanted. In the days prior to the sale I gave myself internal pep talks about not getting sidetracked. I was going for one reason only. This was not a trip for pleasure – it was all business.

But of course, as it always happens with I’m in those situations, all of my logic flew out the window. At one point I found myself with no less than 9 bags strapped on my body. And happening all around me was a very polite, yet completely palpable fierce competition going on, which only made things worse for me. Was I getting the right one? Did they have secret colors that were being given out only to people in the know? I reeeeally need a basic black bag too, maybe I should buy another one...hmm...

In the end I had a few Sophie’s Choice moments, but I came out victorious. I got exactly what I’d been wanting for so long, and I’m so proud of myself for using restraint. And after going to my first sample sale and seeing it live, I could used to it…but now I just need my paycheck to arrive!


Langdon Ulger said...

((sigh)) You're a real New Yorker now. I'll send you a baggie of corn that you can keep in your new purse, so your always reminded of your Midwest roots.

john said...

that bag will be in the closet in six months to never again see the light of day. enjoy it now though!!

cheeky said...