Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I’ve decided I need to have a better attitude about this job. Many people in this economy are having a really tough time, and I am beyond fortunate to have a well paying job doing something fun.

The following list includes the things I like about my company so far:

1. It’s small. It’s not so overwhelming and huge and I don’t feel like I’ll get lost in the shuffle.

2. It’s green. They don’t have any plastic cups, plates, flatware, etc. They have tons of the real stuff. And they even have a big dishwasher so you don’t have to sit there washing your dirty dishes by hand. Also, they give every employee an aluminum reusable SIGG bottle to cut down on plastic water bottle use. There are multiple water coolers around the agency so you can fill up easily. And they have community garbage cans to encourage people to cut down on waste.

3. From my apartment, work is a quick 15 minute shot straight down Hudson Street.

4. You don’t have to go through some laborious process to sign guests in. They just show up and the receptionist calls me.

5. The windows. As mentioned in my previous post, the office space is a completely open floor plan. We are surrounded by windows that actually open. So if it’s getting a little musty in the afternoon, i just pop open a window and get a nice breath of fresh air.

6. I’m not the baby anymore. I’m at a place where no one knows me as the assistant producer. It’s nice to have that confidence.

7. Did I mention can I walk to and from work?

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