Thursday, September 4, 2008

for the last 64 months...

...i have spent an enormous chunk of time at the office. and even though i am leaving with an ever so slightly sour taste in my mouth, i can't deny all the unbelievably fan-frickin'-tastic people that that place has brought to me. and as the sand runs out in my e79 hourglass, i would like to take a moment and pay a small tribute to a few of the special ones-

AK - my first real friend at the office. my big sis. my everything. i am certain we will be in each others lives forever. long live special print rulers and the people who steal and then write notes about how they did not steal them (ahem, D.M., ahem!).

TT - you are such a bad-ass and you don't even know it. or maybe you do. either way - you. are. awesome. and. will. go. so. far.

EP - the one who first discovered the scandalous office romance that k & i so poorly hid. thank you for being my other big (and equally wonderful!) sis.

TC - my mentor. the one who taught me how to do so many things - especially how to be calm in crazy situations. and also how to watch important bears playoff games while shooting on rodeo drive.

AD - although our time together has been short, i sure am gonna miss you. you are one funny little ho - you better ichat me regarding horrible reality tv (and boys!) on a daily basis. SPANK!

and most importantly to KJM, my BEST work friend- june 9th, 2003 is a day that should be celebrated forever! along with february 28th, 2004. oh, and may 3rd, 2008. i love your guts.


s/c - the blog said...

Whoa. I had no idea about ANY of this. And now your email addresses are all wrong in my address book. Write to me. Please. Must know more details.

BTW ... D is OBSESSED with all of the Roger Hargraves books you gave him. He quotes them to me. And he's two.

america said...

love you so much, girl. you can tell by the tears in my eyes, EVERY DAMN DAY, that i am so sad to see you go. (i promise, i will stop crying soon...really, really 2009 for sure.) i cant wait to schedule my first trip to NYC to visit you guys. you are going to have the times of your life!

forever and ever...