Monday, September 22, 2008

updatin' slack-uh (said in my best NY accent)

lots to tell - sorry for the lack of updates.
here's a quick rundown for those of you who have been starving-

1. i DID to kiss nonna and nonno before i left.

2. our going away party on friday night was awe. some. humongo special thanks to the guillen's and the liker's. we have the most incredible friends and family anyone could ever imagine and we will miss them so much. thankfully for us people want to visit new york city so i am hoping we won't have a shortage of visitors.

3. we checked another thing off the list and had our last meal at portillo's.

4. i had a minor meltdown at the airport but everything is A-OK now.

5. our hotel room is really nice and we're so lucky to be staying here until our stuff arrives on wednesday.

6. i am thankful for dear, sweet meghan ficca - a close friend from college who is also currently "freelancing" and has a lot of free time on her hands to hang out with me.

7. i am fantasizing about my first trip to the neighborhood whole foods to get supplies so i can pack kevin gourmet sack lunches to save money (i am already thinking of menus)

8. we move out of the hotel on wednesday and time warner "can't" come to hook up our cable service for almost a week later. bitches.

9. i emailed lots of people about jobs today. heard back from one lady. keep your fingers crossed, otherwise it's panhandling on the street corner for me. i can already see the sign i'll be holding up: "not a bad person, just made bad decision to quit my job during a economic crisis and nationwide depression"

10. i walked kev to school today and i was SO proud of him. he helped us accomplish one of our life goals. god DAMN it, that sure feels good.

**this painting was done by the incredible christine richman. look at those brushstrokes, and those colors! HIRE HER NOW WHILE SHE'S STILL CHEAP!

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Great Gilson said...

How was the first day of work??