Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, we did it dammit. We found an apartment. It’s small. It’s overpriced. And it's perfect. Plus we did it in one day. Which gave us three more days to pay for meals in change.

We ended up finding a place in Tribeca. It’s 604 square feet of pure awesomeness. Yes, it’s a pygmy paradise, but there are many things about the place that make it truly kick ass. They are the following:

1. The ceilings are almost 20 feet high. No exaggerating. So if we want to add a little excitement to our living experience, we can always add quadruple bunkbeds. Or a totem pole. Or a trapeze.
2. It’s got large windows that make it super bright. Which will help pull us out of our inevitable winter k-holes come February.
3. We have a…(wait for it…wait for it….) DISHWASHER. I’m still in shock about this one.
4. We have a washer/dryer 3 doors down from our apartment. Not three doors down from the building. Three doors from our door. It’s on our hallway. Which means I’ll be able to do my most hated chore twice as frequently. Wait. Maybe this actually sucks.
5. The rooftop deck is ridiculously kick ass. We have an incredible view of the entire city, facing the Empire State building and the Hudson River. There are 4 or five picnic tables. There’s a full sized basketball court. There’s a soda machine. There’s a…uh…did I mention the view?
6. There an Equinox gym connected to our building. So we don’t even have to go outside to get to spin classes…I MEAN…get totally massive.

The only thing that kinda sucks is that it has one, albeit huge, walk-in closet. That means absolutely everything we own has to fit into one closet that we share. Clothes, shoes, winter jackets, beekeeper suits, battle axes, Segways, fencing foils…everything. We’re gonna have to dump much, MUCH more than we thought.

Which we were pretty confident about until about an hour ago. All the crap we thought we did such a good job of purging weeks ago? Peanuts. It’s like our crap’s cells divided, cloned themselves, banded together, and attacked.

And by the looks of this apartment right now, we got our asses whupped up on.

P.S. blogspot is being extra finicky tonight, so this is the only picture of the place I can upload. I'll try to add a couple more tomorrow.

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