Thursday, September 25, 2008

random update

well, we are all moved in and most everything is in place. i forgot the camera at home but i'll post pics of the apartment tomorrow so you all can see how cozy and inviting it is. (hint hint)
the only thing that's outstanding is getting the cable and internet hooked up, and that is happening soon! i called time-warner and begged and pleaded with them in my best eyelash-batting voice and got them to come this saturday instead of next tuesday. huzzah!

and for those of you who've asked about it, i'll answer. the job hunt is well, a hunt. it's a little difficult to find something coming into Q4 when companies are trying to meet their bottom line, but i've got a couple of things hopping around and i'm certain things will be fine. it's just going to take a couple of weeks. and on kev's job front, he's been working like crazy, and it's only week one. they have him doing quite a bit, so you might not be hearing from him on here for awhile (unless he feels the need to procrastinate at work).

i saw my first new york cockroach last night. it was SICK. DISGUSTING. DISTURBING! i wanted to scream but didn't want to act like a sissy. luckily it wasn't in our apartment, it was outside on the sidewalk NEXT TO OUR APARTMENT. so you know what that means. oh well.

i'm seeing an old friend tomorrow. she has the day off of work from her job as a producer for the CBS early show. she asked me what i was doing tomorrow morning at 6:45am and if i wanted to come in and be on-air asking a question to some financial advisor dude. i can't actually imagine anything worse than that. #1, waking up at the butt-crack, #2 be ON CAMERA ON NATIONAL FRIGGIN' TV and #3 did i mention it was national television? in the morning? no thanks. sorry laura!

ps-i think one of these rings would make a fantastic christmas gift. i'm putting it on my list.

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