Friday, October 10, 2008

check annnnnd check

today i did some very "new york" activites that i've been wanting to check off the old list. here's the rundown:

1. i ran across the brooklyn bridge and back. it was a relatively short run, but it was awesome. there were LOTS of tourists. and i almost got steamrolled by some dick on a bike. but boy, that sure helped get my heart rate up! plus i can now officially say i've been to brooklyn!

2. i walked to meg's hood and we took the subway up to central park. we grabbed lunch and spread out a blanket for a picnic of turkey sandwiches, trashy magazines and weirdo watching. we sat there for hours and lapped up the sun - there was not one single cloud in the sky. but there were a lot of nasty couples publicly making out. we also saw one too many crusty men in their underpants. PUT YOUR PANTS ON MY FRIENDS! YOU ARE NOT DAVID BECKHAM OR EVEN MARKY MARK CIRCA 1992! oh and p.s. - you are not in the privacy of your own home.

3. since we were already uptown we decided to go to henri bendel's (editor's note: if you want to sound like a native, drop the henri and only say bendel's). meg and i confessed to each that we are too intimidated to go in those stupidly overpriced stores by ourselves for fear that the shop girl scene from pretty woman would be re-enacted on us.
it wasn't. but i did leave wishing that i ran into blair waldorf.

on another note, i made the orange and scallion beef stir-fry tonight. it was AWESOME. and healthy. i had to stop myself from eating the whole batch so that i could save some for kev. i have to prove to him that i can cook something other than meatballs.

and my final comment for the evening: i watched the premiere episode of real housewives of atlanta tonight. holy crap, i just found my new favorite show. those ladies are pure genius. especially kim and nene.



tt said...

hey cheeky! i saw the premiere of housewives of atlanta too! it is sooo on! :) miss ya! tt

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