Thursday, October 23, 2008

work sweet work

I really hate to make all my posts about lame-ass work, but I've had several people ask me what my workspace looks like. Lucky for me (so I don’t have to go around taking pictures like a total nerd) there’s an article about this place in the latest issue of Interior Design Magazine, complete with pics.

I guess they gutted these offices a couple years ago, brought some fancy-pants designer in here, and really put the scrub to everything.

And I won’t lie. When I interviewed here, I was damn impressed. Ok, I’ll admit it…I was intimidated. Coming from an agency that looked like a series of low-rent law offices, it’s kind of refreshing to work in a place where they at least TRY to make it feel creative.

So, for those of you that care (both of you, anyway), I present to you…the place where I spend 80 hours a week! (tadaa)

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Anonymous said...

pretty cool, puts my cubs space to shame! brode