Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday's Jackpot

Since being in New York I have spent many, many consecutive days not seeing a single person that I know. (No, Kev doesn't count) But yesterday I was incredibly lucky to come in close personal contact with six people (and one dog) who I didn't have to introduce myself to. What a relief.

The morning started off huge with a short visit from the Cirel's. Bek, Adam and Macy were (unfortunately) in town for Adam's grandfather's funeral, but I was happy to get a little time with them before they had to get back to Boston. Little Miss Macy has gotten so big since I last saw her. She used to be a snuggly little bug, but now she is a full-blown teenager who just wants to be out joyriding in mom and dad's car, blowing off her algebra homework and kissing older boys. (She is pictured above in her upcoming halloween costume - look at that sass in her face) And she sure took a liking to our place because in the short time she was here she managed to pee in the kitchen and take a large dookie on the living room rug. We had to open the windows and the front door to get a cross-breeze going to get rid of her stinky butt.

Next up was Ali Dolan, a good friend from the element79 days. Again, she only had time to stop by for a short visit while her Nani napped back at the hotel, but every minute was delightful. She'll be here again in two weeks and I really hope we get to have lunch or dinner together. Thanks for coming by, Ali.

Rounding out the lineup were Danny Thomases and his brother and sister-in-law, Greg and Jess Thomases. We met all of them for the first time at Tyler and Vanessa's week-long wedding extravaganza in St. Thomas a year and a half or so ago. We hit it off with them from the start have have been friendly ever since. Our meet-up happened in a loud and crowded bar so we didn't have the patience to stick it out past a couple of drinks. But we plan on seeing them again very soon.

And please don't let Kevin's prior post deter you from coming to visit. We need to have a couple more familiar faces streaming in the front door because that was one of the best day's we've had here yet!

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