Saturday, October 4, 2008

hell's kitchen flea market

today was the first day since we've been here that kevin has been able to see more of new york than just the walk to the subway to get to and from work. we slept in suuuuuper late - 12:30pm. then we grabbed a quick lunch before heading uptown to the hell's kitchen flea market. we were looking for a small side table for our living room, and found these instead. the "artists" were a husband and wife team of really loud and super fast talking, country-fied scheisty mcschiesters. but we got it for a much better price than we ever could have at a place like crate and barrel. it's 4 old crates that were primed and re-painted. we stacked them on top of each other and there you have it - a nifty end table!

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FleaSpeech said...

Thank you for coming to the flea market. So happy that you found a nice item for your new New York home!

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market