Friday, October 24, 2008

shake it baby

today was my first experience with the "world famous" shake shack. it is indeed a shack and it's located in a corner of madison square park. in my quest for a great burger and fry, i did extensive research on the joint and even google imaged photos of the food. they have a live webcam on their website so you can see how long the line is before you venture over there. and the stories i've heard of the long lines at this place are true (see my last photo if you want proof).

being a chicagoan where the favored local cuisine is anything-fried-goes, i consider myself somewhat of an aficionado on the subject. my verdict on the shake shack: what is all the fuss about?

the shack burger was great (shack sauce, lettuce, tomato, american cheese - and be sure to ask for pickles), but the cheese fries left much to be desired. the fries were good enough on their own (and fried in trans-fat free oil) but the cheese was a mix of slightly chunky/creamy and tasted like actual melted cheese. i guess i'm just used to portillo's where the cheese is so creamy and delicious you could drink it straight from a cup.

but i will probably try this place again. i'd like to see if the "shack-cago" hot dog really stands up to what we get at home.

check out the webcam around lunchtime on a weekday and look at the line yourself! you won't believe the madness.

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