Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i might could win a world record

today i only spent $6.00 (and it was on coffee for me and meg).
that brings me to a grand total of $8.50 OVER THREE DAYS! i can't even believe i am sticking to it. ANNNNND i even went in a bunch of stores and walked out empty handed each time.

meghan asked me if i wanted to grab something and sit in a park today for lunch. i stuck to my word and finished off the deli meat we had at home and brought my lunch to our date.

what in god's name has happened to me?
maybe aliens have invaded my body?

tonight's dinner menu: tomato soup and grilled cheese (all made with stuff i already have at home).

believe it or not this is actually kind of fun!

*please enjoy the photo - i saw this awesome juxtaposition on 6th ave today.


Jessi said...

Hi, I'm Elizabeth's friend Jessi. She pointed me to your blog and I really like it, you two crack me up.

Anyway, last February I did a no buy challenge for 3 months with a friend. We couldn't buy anything but food and necessities. It became so addicting to not spend, and when I finally bought sandals when it was over I almost had a nervous breakdown at H&M. It really builds character to not buy. Keep up the good work.

cheeky said...

hi jessi!
thanks for the words of encouragement! i can't promise i won't buy anything for 3 months, but even after 3 days i can already feel how NOT buying can become addictive. it's definitely opening my eyes (especially in light of the nation's credit crisis) to not be such a brazen consumer!

MoneyBags said...
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