Monday, October 6, 2008

i am learning to be close to the dollar

i didn't spend a single cent today.
not one. zip. zilch. zero with a capital Z.

i wish i could say it was because i witnessed the horror of the dow dipping to a sickening 800 point drop today. you see, it's fun being unemployed and being able to watch the daytime pundit shows on CNBC and CNN. nope, not gag-inducing at all.
but in all seriousness, i am just sick of spending money when i have none of my own coming in.

and as you can imagine, not spending is frickin' hard to do in this city.
hmm. i wonder how many days in a row i can do this.
i am going to try and eat only the food in my house and only allow myself to buy espressos over ice (the cheapest coffee at the bux). this will be fun!
uh, ummm, maybe.

(ps-thanks to the judge for introducing me to the term used in the title of this post. it's one of my favorites!)

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