Thursday, October 2, 2008

snore pie with yawn sauce update

i'm sad! christine was here for a few days and just left. we had a fantastic time (as we always do). we walked for miles, ate lots of great food, drank a ton of wine and talked non-stop. i don't think i'll see her again until possibly november, and that feels waaaaay too far away for me to even comprehend. BOO HOO!

job news: i have a meeting tomorrow morning with a woman who owns a successful editorial company. she's well-connected in the industry, so i'm excited to be able to start meeting folks and making contacts. i am also going to meet with someone at an agency a week from next monday. i'm cautiously optimistic about it all, but will keep everyone up to date.

i haven't seen much of kev this week with christine being in town combined with his work schedule. i can't wait for him to get home so we can watch the vp debate together. it's going to be such a joke.

fall is officially here. i needed a jacket on top of my cardigan today. i'm not ready for it yet, but people say the winters here aren't as harsh as chicago. i'm skeptical, but hopeful that they're right.

more later - i'm off to start laundry (across the hall from my unit!!!) and get dinner.

*please enjoy this photo of a small portion of my varsity team

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